Essential Shopify POS Hardware Kit for Your Business

To enjoy the full experience of using the Shopify POS, Shopify offers a hardware kit that is essential for your business. Apart from having a great POS, you do need other hardware that will help you make sales and enjoy the process. Shopify engineers these hardware products hence they are most likely to work correctly with you POS. The essential Shopify POS toolkit includes the following;

  • iPad stand

If you are using an iPad, then you need to keep it in a comfortable position for you to look at it. Since iPad are portable, Shopify provides an excellent iPad stand that will enable you to carry around your device with comfort. Because you will always be busy checking on your inventory, you need to be in a position that will not allow you to get exhausted quickly.

  • Credit card reader

Shopify smart card reader is one of the best things that you can get from using the Shopify POS. This device allows you to receive credit card payments within second wherever, whenever. It is small and portable allowing you to carry it around and make sales on the spot. The magnificent Shopify card reader will enable you to promote sales y providing your customers with an alternative payment method.

  • Cash drawer

If you receive cash payments in your store, then you will need to have a cash drawer compatible with the Shopify POS. Note that the Shopify POS allows you to use more than one payment channels. The star Micronics CD3-1616 cash drawer models work better with Shopify. Note that you can always buy a cash drawer of your choice from a trusted seller and still use it with your Shopify POS.

  • Wireless Bluetooth receipt printer

Customers will always want to keep the receipts hence it is best if you provide it with them. With this portable printer, it is effortless to do business anywhere any time as long as you bring along your Shopify credit card reader. The two devices quickly process sales, record data and provide you with an original receipt within a matter of seconds. Shopify POS, therefore, allows you to sell anywhere any time.


Having a great POS is one thing and making an actual sale is another. Shopify POS hardware kit takes care of all your sales problems and even provide you with the receipt without you doing much. Not only is it convenient for your business, but it also saves the customer much time.