3 Advantages Of Shopify Over Competition

Running your online store is as simple as selecting the right e-commerce software to use. For many, a good e-commerce system must have certain things that will allow your business to run smoothly. Remember that online shops usually face certain setbacks that can affect your activities. However, a good e-commerce software system will always ensure that your business is running, as usual, all the time. Shopify has been the peoples favorable because of its amazing features that enable users to set up and get the ball rolling quickly. These features include;

  1. Stable POS

Shopify POS is known to be the most convenient. With a feature like allowing for third party installations, this is a system that will make work easy for you. The fact that Shopify also offers other hardware to go with their POS; you will be able to receive payments anywhere any time. Note that Shopify also allows you to accept payments made in other currencies or from other countries. The POS is also great at keeping inventory and ensuring that your customers don’t wait for long for your online shop page to load. All thanks to the fact that Shopify hosts your shop in their e-commerce supported servers.

  1. One place to run everything

Since you can have access to the back end of your store and POS, Shopify provides a single management gateway for your business. In simple terms, you can manage and monitor every aspect of your business using Shopify. The fact that you can easily access your Shopify account from any part of the world, you are always overseeing what is going on. Instead of having other multiple management programs, Shopify allows you to build the most suitable management system using the numerous apps that they have. Note that these apps are responsible for handling various activities in your business, so you only install what you require.

  1. Good security

Both shoppers and sellers want to be guaranteed of proper safety when it comes to handling money. The good news is, Shopify takes this fact into great consideration hence offering the best of their onlinesecurity service. A secured e-commerce platform encourages good business. In a case where you cannot guarantee the security of your customers, your business is most likely not to perform well.


There are specific things that will make you decide on which e-commerce software to use. Whatever your reasons, always have the customer in mind and you will never go wrong.