The Superhero’s Guide To Social Business – Avengers Edition (Pt. 1)

Super heroes

If your business could have one superpower, what would it be? Maybe you’d have the fastest fulfillment times in the entire industry, leaping quick deadlines with the agility of 20 brands! Maybe you’d wish for Super Service, never letting a single customer be unhappy about anything…..ever. Possibly, while dealing with personnel issues, you’d dream of having a Radioactive Retention Rate, where no employees leave unhappy and turnover is zero, cutting costs and training expenses to the bone and striking fear in the hearts of recruiters everywhere!

Unfortunately, there’s no radioactive lab rat running or toxic waste spill in the area granting powers to those (un)lucky enough to stumble into their paths. So, as a whole your company may not be granted super powers, but if this summer has taught us anything, it’s that when the projects are large, a super TEAM is the best way to go. While your entire company might not be granted one superpower, that’s not what you’d want anyway. You need to bring together the Social Business Avengers and do this right.

Let’s explore your team:

(Yes, I know we’ve already explored the team concept while looking at Reservoir Dogs, but these heroes will be departmental-level and mindset based, rather than personnel-based)

Nick Fury – The Overseer

Every team needs someone to bring them together. Forces of this magnitude aren’t just going to assemble themselves. Hell, it took almost 10 years just to lay the groundwork for The Avengers movie and we’re talking about overall company and brand shifts here. There needs to be a mindset within the C-Suite that this power should and can be assembled correctly for the current needs. We’ve already talked about the need for your Executive Champion in all this and they are still important and will act as the embodiment of the Nick Fury, but this goes deeper than that. The Nick Fury mindset must be alive and strong within the leadership of the brand. Without that foresight and drive to bring all these forces of change together in the face of all the questions and difficulties surrounding the actions, your Social Business Avengers will never gain traction and end up killing each other and causing more problems than they solve. There must be a fundamental element of trust in where things are headed and a willingness to guide them in that direction even when things get hairy. 

Iron Man – The Tools and Strategic Mindset

One of the most fascinating things about Tony Stark is that he has no superpowers whatsoever (unless you count the fact that he’s super rich and brilliant, but in that case Bill Gates is a superhero). Not all heroes have to be based in fantasy and the Iron Man of your Social Business Avengers will be the company drive for innovation and the strategy and tools set in place to make super things a reality. This one is harder than it sounds, though. Do you realize the chances of a mind like Tony Stark’s being born into a situation to run the company he inherited to earn the money to buy/build his toys and the position he’s in to be able to hide in plain site while never raising eyebrows? It may seem impossible to get everyone on board with where you’re going, but that’s why it’s a super task.

Once you’ve got the drive and the vision, it’s time to bring in the toys. Tony Stark would never be Iron Man without his suit and weapons and you’ll never be the social business you want without the proper technology in place. Get a Social CRM system and upgrade the technology in the offices for everyone involved to what they need to interact correctly. If Tony Stark can teach us something, it’s that the right drive coupled with the right tools can being about almost any change you’d like to see, even saving the universe.

Captain America – The Super Soldiers

Steve Rogers wasn’t just a handsome face fighting for freedom and the American way, he was also a genetically-enhanced super soldier with superhuman levels of dedication to his cause. You have to build and train the right team to make your Social Business Avengers work. Are your employees as loyal to you as Captain America is to the US of A? Have you created an environment that breeds that kind of faith and loyalty or do you just hope your employees do as they’re told? What about training? You can’t just expect them to all know what to do and how to act, you have to experiment and train them. The great thing about the Captain America portion of your team is that once they are on board, they will lead the entire movement because of their loyalty and drive alone. You’ll be able to turn the whole thing over to the employees and have faith that they will represent you well and powerfully.

We are going to stop there because this is getting really long (with more to go) and you need some time to digest this. Check back on Monday when we’ll be discussing Thor (the demi-god), Hulk (the beast) and Black Widow & Hawkeye (the assassins) and how they round out your team. We’re building something powerful here, be sure you stay tuned because a team divided against itself cannot stand and that means the universe as we know it must just crumble around our feet.

Thoughts (so far)?

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5 Responses to The Superhero’s Guide To Social Business – Avengers Edition (Pt. 1)
  1. Rightly said, if every business has a super power sure every one would lead the market.

    •  @Engagedots CRM Haha, true, but if they all had one, it’s be another even playing field, so they’d all have to learn to use their specific powers for the overall good and profit. Maybe that’s what we’re doing now……..hmmmmmm. : )

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  3. I’d like to think I was more like the business worlds Tony Stark. Having a good hedge fund CRM system in place is essential for business growth and innovation.

    •  @Matilda Haha, that’s a good point. I may have to write a post about Social CRM’s connections to superheroes’ alter egos. : )

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