The Superhero’s Guide To Social Business – Avengers Edition (Pt. 2)

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Previously, on The Superhero’s Guide To Social Business – Avengers Edition, we discussed the mindsets needed to equip your team with a Nick Fury-like leadership mentality, how to instill a strategic plan and set up the necessary tools, and then how to build super soldiers within your organization to stabilize the team; but our work is far from done, heroes, far from done…


Much of the drama in The Avengers comes from the inability of the strong personality types on the team to get along. They are each so strong individually that when brought together, sparks fly. The way we are building your organizational team mindsets is based on the exact opposite of that scenario. We’ll be adding team members in ways that will coalesce seamlessly with your Nick Fury, Iron Man and Captain America personas already in place.

Thor – The Other-Worldly Mindset

Thor is a demi-god from Asgard. He is honestly from another world. He has connections and an understanding of our world, but he is not from here, nor does he act as if he were. Yes, Thor has great strength (but so does Hulk) and yes, Thor has great loyalty to cause (but so does Captain America), but when a threat from outside our realm appears to ruin all life on earth, Thor brings his outside knowledge to guide and fight with The Avengers. Your company’s Thor mindset is your willingness to reach far outside your comfortable universe for help and guidance. Yes, it’s true that taking the steps towards Social Business is a new world, you’ve only but opened the door to a world of new challenges. Now you must accept your Thor so he can guide you through this scary new world. Bring in an outside consultant for a time or work with the company providing your Social CRM systems (if they offer that) to help. Thor may not stay on earth forever (sorry, Natalie Portman), but his influence will linger to guide your team.

Hulk – The Emotional Strength

Have you ever been so mad you felt like you could punch a hole through a wall? What about being so frustrated with a deadline that you’ve never been more focused and you work 15 hours straight to get something done? Times like these have given you a meager glimpse at the power of the Hulk. The most interesting thing, to me, about the Hulk is that he’s not always a superhero. A lot of times he causes more damage than he rectifies, but when he is needed, he comes through. Bruce Banner isn’t the Hulk all the time, and neither will your organization be, but when he is needed, you must have the confidence to let him out and the practice doing so to keep him in control.

So, what does the Hulk look like for your company? It will be different for all needs, but mostly, it will show up in times of great emotional stress and either cause your company to crumble in it’s wake or gather together and use it’s strength to power through. Have you ever had a huge project that called more a lot of extra manhours but was going to pay off gib for the company? Did you have departments on board for the work and excited to power through and bring in new rewards or did you have an uproar and internal bickering that led to the project either not getting finished or being refused outright? The Hulk mindset is incorporated within a Social Business when “powering through” is a necessity to the project, whether that be working through a weekend to establish the connection between the old CRM and the new Social CRM and setting up the proper communication channels or whether that be standing your ground against a big account who is unsure why you’ve restructured for online communications.

Hawkeye & Black Widow – The Assassins

So you have the leadership, you have the tools, you have the loyalty, the outside the box thinking and the power, now you need the pinpoint accuracy tactics the Internet allows. You need assassins. Hawkeye and Black Widow are tenured members of S.H.I.E.L.D. and can target and kill better than all the rest. With everything in place and all your employees ready for new pastures, you need to take your strategic thinking and now learn to pinpoint your targets and move in. These tactics will fill your strategy and assist your teams and departments by being the eyes and ears of your campaign. They’ll be reaching out and acting in human ways while the rest of your Avengers are providing the heavy artillery and structure. Hawkeye and Black Widow are not super humans, they are simply the best at what they do, and that’s what your tactics are. They are not other-worldly beings or titanium warsuits. They are the down-to-earth, perfectly executed killshots of your organization. They mingle into the communities and blend, only to reappear when they have a job to do. Give them a plan and watch them execute.

Avengers, Assemble! You now have the building blocks to build your superhero-like organization, all that’s left is to actually build and control it. Just like with any superhero movie, there may be some casualties along the way (policies, positions, etc), but building the perfect team was never going to be easy, it was merely going to be worth it.

Now, go out and save the world.


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  1. Totally takes a team. Takes the clean cut Capt. America to balance the free wheeling Iron Man (pt 1) and they have to work with others, have to work w/ the God-like powers of Thor and still make the most of capable, humans like Hawkeye who as you say, simply get it done. Sparks can fly and if you do it right, that can be a good thing. FWIW.

  2. Wow, good post . They are just like a fire wall protecting.

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