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We’re coming up on the end of the third month here at So far we’ve talked a lot about trends, tools and the basic understandings necessary when jumping into the Social CRM game.

A question I’ve been getting though are what are the resources I look to (besides life experiences and seeing what works) when trying to stay on top of Social CRM and continuing my education in the field. I truly believe that you should have this blog’s RSS saved somewhere (or subscribe to it over on the right), but what are some other good blogs, books and resources that you should take a gander at if serious about Social CRM education?

Here’s a short list for you:


  • CRM at the Speed of Light by Paul Greenberg – When they say that Paul Greenberg wrote the book on Social CRM, this is the book they’re talking about. Greenberg has been a CRM expert for years, so it was only right that he be the one to truly delve into the necessities, ideas and strategies surrounding Social CRM. If you only buy one book or take one resource from this list, make it this one.
  • Social CRM: High Impact Strategies by Kevin Roebuck – This is a good one for beginners. Roebuck focuses a lot on the definitions and initial meanings of the term and how it fits into mature businesses and brands. Check it out if you’re confused on whether or not Social CRM fits in with your brand at all.
  • The Social Customer by Adam Metz – This one is a no-brainer. We’ve already talked about the importance of the social customer when it comes to social business and Social CRM. This book is all about understanding what that means and how the social customer thinks, acts and responds. Learn about them (the Social Customer) and love them.
  • Get Bold! by Sandy Carter – Sandy’s explanation of how a social business thinks and runs is one I suggest for anyone who is trying to take social media seriously, Social CRM or not. This is a great book full of wonderful examples and real-world takes on complex marketing ideas. Go buy this one today for the good of your brand.


  • PGreenblog – Remember that Paul Greenberg guy we were talking about? Yeah, this is his blog on Social CRM. Enough said.
  • Social Media Blog for Business by Michael Brito – Michael Brito has been talking about social business for a while now. His ideas are great, even though we might not exactly line up in all areas of thought. He is one that I personally have saved in my Google Reader and I’d suggest you do the same. You’ll learn from him.
  • Social CRM: The Conversation by Paul Greenberg – Yeah, it’s the same Paul Greenberg. You should be reading this conversation as well.


That’s my initial list for beginners and a good place to start. Although you can totally JUST read us here and you’ll learn all you need, I know about the drive to continue learning.

Do you have any favorite blogs (besides this one) about Social CRM? Favorite people to follow on Twitter? Books to read?

Let’s build this list bigger together for our community.


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  1. joey_strawn

    @KaryD thanks!

    • KaryD

      @joey_strawn No, thank you. :-) How’ve you been?

      • joey_strawn

        @KaryD been really good. Lots of fun opportunities have been springing up. How are you?

        • KaryD

          @joey_strawn Pretty much in the same boat. Staying delightfully busy with new and old projects, all good.

        • joey_strawn

          @KaryD that’s great to hear

  2. Hey there Joey,
    Great list, sir, and nice recognition of other resources (I love britopian ). And yes, I’ll include you in these resources too, been very impressed with the content and strategies discussed here. :)

  3. Not one ziggy cartoon link? What kind of blog is this?

    •  @HowieSPM One that you shouldn’t be allowed on, clearly… ;-)

      •  @DannyBrown I saw your tweet and I always click all your tweeted links. I am an uber traffic source and reader driver. I will get you on the map. In small towns in Asia. You will see. My Klout is immense.

  4. joey_strawn

    @skypulsemedia Gesundheit

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  7. Britopian

    @dannybrown thank you sir! heading there now

  8. 1ad_dad

    @_bradmiller Hey Brad, cute new profile pic. Your girls are adorable. Hope you are having a good week my friend.

    • _bradmiller

      @1ad_dad Thanks man. They definitely look more like their mother, thank God! ;) Hope your week is going well also!

  9. joey_strawn

    @1ad_dad Thanks for the repost!

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      • joey_strawn

        @1ad_dad How could I not? It’s like summertime. Amazing.

        • 1ad_dad

          @joey_strawn I know. I am just fearful of how hot it will be when it is actually summer. But enjoying it while its comfortable.

  10. BrianVellmure

    You may find value in the following collection of resources as well.

  11. MackeyLeah

    Joey – are you (or anyone else on this thread) interested in swapping some books?  Or letting me borrow?  The Roebuck book is $45.  I have a whole slew of some I’d be willing to swap, share, trade, etc.

    •  @MackeyLeah I wouldn’t be against that, unfortunately the Roebuck one isn’t one I own, but I’d be happy to start up a book swap. 

  12. Miss_Morell

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