Social CRM in 2012: Life in the Cloud

We have been on a journey,my friends. Together we have traipsed, like Nostradamus, through the predictions for Social CRM in 2012. In case you have forgotten what we discussed or you are new to this blog, here’s what we’ve covered thusfar:

It’s been an info-heavy ride and the end is now in sight, but before we can put our feet to the pavement and run towards that finish line, we have to lift our heads into the Cloud for just a little bit.

living in the Cloud

We Are The Jetsons

Remember the Jetsons? Flying around in their car, owning a robotic maid, living in a house miles above the surface? That used to be only a dream, not to be lived but for great great great grandchildren or the occasional time traveler.

Over the last few years, the Cloud Conversation has taken off and been a juggernaut force in the technology industry. Between Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Dropbox, Sugarsync, Carbonite, Oracle, it’s hard turn turn your head, turn on the television, read an article on Mashable or Techcrunch, or flip on your iPad without seeing something about some sort of cloud. The technology is there and people are using it, now it’s time for the Social CRM industry to catch up.

And in 2012, they will. Will you?

Futures in the Cloud

In 2011, the Cloud became the delivery system of choice. CRM cannot divide itself from important technological components and the cloud is definitely growing as a preferred distributing, saving and sharing base for a lot of people more in 2012. If you don’t believe me, read Louis Columbus’ take on Cloud adoption.

More and more companies are allowing for remote working, which means that more and more companies are relying on the ability for their employees to be able to work at the level they could in the office. Insert: Cloud Computing. More than likely we’ll see some sort of hybrid instillations make more headway than they already are before we see full on cloud CRM solutions, but the future path is pretty clear. CRM is moving into the Cloud, and with what we talked about last time it’s clear that customer are becoming more mobile as well.

All paths point to the cloud being a major delivery system in the coming years and Social CRM will need to be on the forefront in your brand’s plans.

Going Forward

We’ve covered a lot of information on here in the past few weeks, but we’re going to cover a lot more going forward. Outside of highlighting new Social CRM insights that crop up, we’ll be diving further in to the trends we’ve talked about here already, showing you examples, mapping out strategies and explaining how you can start successful Social CRM plans for your own company.

Things are about to get serious here on Social CRM Info.

I hope you’re ready.



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5 Responses to Social CRM in 2012: Life in the Cloud
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  2. derek_bell

    I think the challenge for companies outside the technology sector is that they can become a little overwhelmed with technology and what it can do for them. A CRM is a tool to capture all data points that relate to your prospects and customers. As Social Media has exploded I think it’s received a disproportional response from customers and some vendors.
    The key advantage of Social Media is the immediacy of your message being potentially seen. Email is great, but it’s generally one on one. A CRM should be able to bring in prospect and client tweets, updates etc and store them against the relevant Contact. Giving that single view of the client spoken of with such affection in the 1990′s i.e. Siebel.
    I think viewing social media as a broadcast technology is a great way to see it. It’s a broadcast technology in the same sense that an email campaign is. You can tweet all you want, but until people are following you, you may as well wink at someone in the dark!
    “Engaging” with people via social media means you need their ID’s, just as you need email addresses if you plan an email campaign. There is a lot of work to do if you want to engage with people and actually be perceived as adding value – content is the one component we see people underestimate all the time.

    •  @derek_bell I agree with the points you make here, but my comment from the other post back to you applies here as well. While social media may not work on B2B or technology-lacking industries, it still plays a factor in search results and everyone uses Google, tech-savvy or no. It’s not a matter of finding people where you think they should be, but rather finding out HOW people are truly acting and finding them there. 

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