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Here we are, only two posts into our series on Social CRM in 2012 and I’ve already talked about experiences twice. The first time was when we talked about Gamification and the next time will be this post, which the title should give it away that it will be mentioned.

This trend truly took wings in 2011, but it’s on this list because last year traditional CRM vendors focused on customer experience out of necessity, from cultures forcing their hands.

In 2012, more and more companies will see the value in working hand in hand with customers to create those experiences that become part of the fabric of whom customers see themselves as and therefore, weaving brands into their lives and existences.

That’s ultimately what we want and what Social CRM is all about. Lets dig into that some more.

To Protect and Serve

If you get nothing else from this post for your brand, remember this: No matter what job you do, you’re in the service industry.

Your company exists to help someone do something better than they could before they encountered you and in so doing, you are providing a service. I don’t care who you are, you’re at the will of your customers.

Disney may be one of the biggest brands on the planet, but if (for whatever reason) everyone on earth woke up tomorrow and decided to never see another Disney movie, watch a Disney show, go to a Disney Park or interact with them in any way ever again, it wouldn’t be long before there was no more Disney. I’m going to bet your brand isn’t as big as Disney, so whatever those percentages are shoot way up for that happening to you.

Business can be a scary place.

Your job is to serve your customers and nothing does that quite as well as fostering an environment of creating memorable experiences for those customers.

We’ll be discussing how to create those experience more on this blog, but for now just know that if you don’t have a designated team and executive within your company whose job it is to think about Customer Experience, you’re behind the curve already.

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12 Responses to Social CRM in 2012: Customer Experience
  1. This line in particular stands out for me, mate:
    “No matter what job you do, you’re in the service industry.”
    Such a simple statement, yet one that so many companies forget time and time again.
    Cheers, sir!

    •  @DannyBrown Thanks, Danny! It really is so simple, but I’ve seen companies ignore simple things for years. It keeps me with a source of money, lol! : )
      Thanks for the comment. 

  2. Leon

    G’Day Joey,
    “Yeah Man.” Just love that Fletcher Henderson title! You’re right. I have no formal expertise in customer relations, customer service or any of that stuff.  But I realized a long time ago that satisfying customer expectations was what it’s all about. I even wrote a blog post about this last year.
    To do that you have to learn to, as I call it, ” think like a customer.” And to do that, you must keep in regular contact with them.
    My other heresy in this area is that sending out customer surveys is a waste of time and money. Apple has never done surveys. The iPad and iPhone weren’t a response to customer surveys.  And Henry Ford Is alleged to have said when asked about what customers told him that made him proceed with automobile manufacture, “If I’d asked them, they’d have wanted a faster horse.”
    Then again, I’m merely a”the curmudgeon from Down Unda.” as Marcus Sheridan likes to call me.
    But if there’s one thing i’ve learnt in over 30 years in business it’s this: marketing isn’t everything but everything is marketing.
    Make sure you have fun
    Best wushes

    •  @Leon My friends and I say that to each other all the time, “Everything is Marketing”. It’s a simple rule to keep in mind as you communicate with customers to keep them in the loop of innovations, while understanding their needs and solving them. While they might say they want a “faster horse”, what they’re really saying is “I want something more powerful and faster to transport me where I need to go, so you meet that need by building a car. 
      Thanks for the insights and comment Leon!

  3. William Duquet


  4. Rhonda Hurwitz Marketing and Social Media

    search “Business name” sucks on google, or twitter … there are a lot of very large companies who are not doing this.

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  6. Danny Brown

    @Rhonda – The sad thing is, many of these companies are completely unaware if this negativity. Sometimes people really do walk about with their head in the sand…

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  8. derek_bell

    Thank you for the the thought provoking commets. The challenge I have is that many of my clients are in the B2B space and social media and B2B seems to be a few years behind the B2C space. We’re trying to engage with our own clients to see how they want to use Social Media – of course this all falls under Customer Experience. One of the key challenges is that some of our clients won’t allow staff access to facebook, Twitter and in some cases LinkedIn. These are really the big players, the other social media sites seem to be waste of time unless you’re a niche player and your audience wants to engage via foursquare etc. FYI I work or an Oracle CRM On Demand reseller in Australia.

    •  @derek_bell Derek, I can very much understand your point. I actually work my days for a social media strategy firm that specializes in the the B2B space, so I’m going to have to disagree with you that it’s not as useful. I’m actually under the assumption that social media can be MORE beneficial to B2B marketers because relationships are essential when it comes to B2B sales. While social media might not act as a straight conversation channel, it can be the perfect awareness engine and give your brands some credbility when your B2B prospects do their due dilligence and background checks, which as you know, they will. 
      Social media can make you a thought leader and drive your SEO functions to a degree that traditional marketing can’t. Your prospects might not be on Facebook, but they’re using Google and Google is pulling from Facebook. : )

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