The Problems With Social Media

Math Problem

On Monday, we talked about the misconception of the Social CRM being out to destroy the well-established CRMs that companies already use. I mentioned in that post that outside of brands’ fears of Social CRM attacking their status quo, there were a few other problems holding companies back from fully exploring their potential in the social spaces.

That is the topic of our post today.

A lot of times, social media can seem like a foreign language or complex math problem to a lot of brands. The following are discussions of three of the main deterrents of companies from joining up and really diving into the social realm and what I believe that says/means for Social CRMs.

Confused At The Speed Of Light

Have you seen the iPhone 4? What about the iPhone 4S, or the iPads 1, 2 or (coming soon) 3? Did you know Hootsuite had an upgrade? What about Seesmic? Have you even heard of Oink? Social Media grows, moves and improves at the speed of light. Companies don’t move that fast. Most things have to get put through “the process” in order to get done at all. This is one of the major differences between classic business and social business. Most brands just can’t keep up.

It’s okay.

That’s true for everyone. You can’t try out every tool and you can’t be the brand of note on every social network. Old Spice is on every network, but they really made a splash on YouTube. Comcast is on LinkedIn and Facebook, but people really only hear about their Twitter efforts. A Social CRM is one way to keep everything organized, wo while the web world flies by, you can keep focus on what’s important to growing your business.

“A” -> “B” Conversation, So “C” Yourself Out

In the above equation, “C” stands for Companies. As mentioned above, social media is being created and adopted a blinding speeds. It’s growth and hold on society is faster than any other widespread invention in the history of mankind. With the widespread, rapid adoption, individuals are finding increasing numbers of other individuals and communities to share and connect with, which routinely leaves the companies out of the conversation entirely.

This is also commonly referred to as the “We don’t control the message” argument. You may have heard it that way before.

This isn’t so much a problem for Social CRM as it is a reason for bringing one into your company. Conversations happen continuously all over the Internet. It’s impossible for your brand to follow and interact with all of them, and in reality, you shouldn’t be trying.

Unless you’re Wal-Mart, you have a very specific set of people that you are going after in your target demographic. Social CRMs can be designed to help you keep track of the conversations and people that are important to your business and leave the rest of the noise as simply that: noise.

Mo People, Mo Problems

Here’s another big problem: staffing. I hear it all the time, “Okay, we’ll just bring in a new team to handle the social media stuff.” While sometimes that plan works, simply throwing more people at the issues of social media won’t solve them. The number of desired consumers in your target market will always outnumber the amount of people you have working in social media inside your walls.

Don’t fight that fight.

Again, this problem of business and social media can be helped by a well-crafted Social CRM. By organizing the conversations, prioritizing the Key Performance Indicators and reminding your teams when and how to proceed, you can drive those conversations in the directions your brand needs them to go.


So yeah, it sounds like a Social CRM is the solution to every problem known to mankind when it comes to social media. Sadly, that’s not the case. A lot of problems don’t have specific solutions and will look different for different businesses. Some problems are so new that solutions have to be invented right alongside the problems.

That’s the fun and frustration of social media: the Newness.

It’s the wild west out there right now, but that’s all the more reason to have a strategically laid out game-plan and hit it hard, while the pickings good.

What problems have you seen in companies trying to adopt social media? What solutions have worked for them?


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5 Responses to The Problems With Social Media
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  3. I think you nailed it. As CEO of an online marketing agency, I frequently find myself saying to new clients, there’s a reason you cannot keep up with ‘all-things-online’, you’re too busy with ‘all-things-in-your-business’.. I tell our clients look, we live in this space and EVEN we have to do research every day of the week to keep up. Can you really do that AND run your business?

    Unless you live, eat, and breathe the digital oecan, there’s no way you can keep up. Thus the need in the market for what you’re doing.

    Good job, looking forward to much more..

    Michael Besson


  4. BrennenJohncock

    Yeah, practical insight, companies can only do so much regarding resources. Even though Facebook (as an example) is free you need a team of people to upkeep the page to make sure advertisements and updates are reaching out to the target market, but there are no guarantees or any sort.

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