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In case you missed it, we just finished a pretty intensive Halloween series on this blog featuring vampires, werewolves and more. All the posts were long, in-depth and probably a little trying for most of the readers out there, and that’s okay. We wanted it to be a little tough and something that was a bit harder to digest.

Having said that, with this being a new month and all, and us getting close to the end of the (world?) year, I think it will be good to see where we’re headed and get your feedback on what issues are important to you.

Let’s start with the plan at hand and go from there:

The Plan At Hand

We’re always striving to give you the best content here on Social CRM Info, and with that in mind, here are some of the topics we’re prepping for you in the coming weeks and months:

  • Social CRM Metrics: What does it look like to set up tracking codes and metrics when making the switch to a Social CRM? How does what you track affect the transition into a Social Business and what areas need the most concern and in what order? This topic will more than likely be spread out over a few posts, but it’s an important, tactical topic and companies getting deeper and deeper into the fold of Social CRM systems and Social Business strategies need to understand how to prove the value in the actions they are taking and validate the support given by the executive champion.
  • Social CRM Audiences: Maybe you’re concerned on who exactly to reach out to once you set up your Social CRM. Who are my new targets? Can I still keep my old CRM leads? What are some practical steps to expanding my customer universe to include social media? We’ll delve into those topics and more before the end of the year.
  • Social Business Predictions for 2012: What would the end of the year be without the arbitrary “Predictions for Next Year” post? Yes, we’ll be doing that too, but we’ll be looking specifically at Social Business and what new technologies and trends will most likely affect the year to come. If the Mayans don’t destroy us all, that is.

Your Thoughts

One thing that we know is that this blog doesn’t live in a vacuum. We love the comments that come through and live for the conversations we have about this industry.

What are topics that are important to you that you want us to cover this year and into 2013? List them in the comments and explain and I’ll work them into the schedule. This is truly about helping you and your business, so please open up.


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