Fast Company’s 36 Rules of Social Media [Infographic]

Fast Company produced this infographic about the 36 Rules of Social Media, very simple straightforward advice from professionals in the field – MOre>

How to Use Social Advertising

Now that you now what native advertising is, a new service called InPowered lets you find articles and other content that say good things about your brand, and then lets you either share them organically or pay to promote them. More>

Native Advertising – What is it?

Native advertising is a term many people misunderstand. This infographic from Solve Media explains it. More>

Twitter Gets An Oscar (Sort of…)

2014 Academy Awards – Twitter had a record night with Ellen of The Ellen Show creating a Tweet of her front row “selfie” that was retweeted over 3 million times. MOre>

Social Listening: Obtaining Brand Advocates for Your Brand

One of the key benefits of social listening for any enterprise is uncovering the “brand advocate”. This is someone who thoroughly believes in the brand, and will not only advocate for it but also influence those around them.  More:

Twitter Commerce – Beating Amazon, Groupon??

Re/code provided screenshots of mockups for the (proposed) new Twitter Commerce strategy last month, showing how the social media platform intends to disrupt the Amazons, Googles, eBays and Groupons of the world (ok there is only one of each, but you get the point).  More>

Pinterest Travel Pins — Big Success!

Pinterest has introduced Pinterest Place Pins that enable users to map out locations of photos on their Pinterest boards. As well, the Place Pins use Foursquare’s API to show where Place Pin locations are on a map. Users are using these boards to share their trips and highlight points of discovery such as restaurants, gift shops,…

Brands Use Snapchat!

Marketo has created an infographic that shows how brands are using Snapchat. Given that the average age of a Snapchat user is between 13 and 25 years old, the social media platform is ripe for marketers that cater to that demographic. More:

Twitter Grows…a Little Bit

Twitter released it’s 4th quarter earnings and showed they made a slight profit, as well as some user growth. Market commentators are questioning a couple of things: one is that the user growth was only 9 million, and the other that the Timeline Views (the company’s equivalent of a page-view) decreased (even though ad revenue has…

Klout Gets Better

Klout is now a content sharing site as well as an indicator of social media status. It finds content you have indicated you have expertise/interest in, and allows you to share it across your social networks. It has a nice clean layout and a user-friendly interface that makes article curation easy to do, and it bundles in…