Let’s Stop Talking About Social Media

Framed Perspective

On Monday we started a deeper conversation about Social Business and how it relates to the Social Customer we’ve talked about before. We’ll be talking more about Social Business as we go on, but today I wanted to point out a very important point: social business and a business using social media are not the same thing.

A Social CRM will only thrive in a company willing to look deeper than simply the tools they use to interact with customers. By limiting how brands and companies approach the idea of Social CRM and where that idea will live within the organization, most companies effectively negate any positive aspects of bringing aboard a Social CRM in the first place. It’s like putting a frame around only one-third of a great painting.

I’m sure you’ve heard that survival is based on evolution and evolution is based on adaptation. Businesses must adapt as well or risk being left behind in their own marketplaces. So, once and for all, let’s stop talking about how your business should or should not be on Facebook or how Twitter lets you connect with customers, blah, blah, blah. At this point, having the conversation “social media is important to brands” is like discussing whether or not customer service departments should be allowed access to phones.

Tools Using Tools

Since we’re no longer talking to you about why you care about social media, let’s talk a little bit about those people using it in lieu of any sort of actionable strategy or process. You can’t bring on a Social CRM to your company saying “we understand social” if the only thing you do is have profiles set up and occasionally post. There have to be KPIs in place, internal alignment, understanding of a central vision, measurement tools and governance in place.

If you don’t know how to set all that up, contact a consultant or hire someone who does. It’s vital to your future growth. I’m sick and tired of hearing companies say, “We’ve been on Facebook for 6 months and it hasn’t given any return yet.” Well, what do you expect it to do. Facebook is a collection of 1s and 0s an unhappy student created in his dorm room after being dumped, you can’t expect Facebook to bring you any more sales or leads than you can expect getting a fax machine to left to it’s own devices. You have to use the tools properly to see the returns you desire and you have to understand the uses to even have a shot at reaching those returns. 

Social CRM needs a culture and environment to thrive and in order to create that environment you have to take the first steps down the road to understanding how to be a Social Business. We’ll be talking more on this blog about how to create that environment and the Social CRM tools that need to live there, so if you haven’t subscribed already, do it now (just put your email address in the box on the top right of this page).

Now that we can finally to the argument about using social media to bed, we can focus on the Social CRM tools that will grow in that culture.

Let’s do this.



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