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Joey Strawn is a blogger, husband, entrepreneur, and general purveyor of awesomeness and currently blogs at He is president of Empty Jar Marketing in Nashville, Tenn. and works with local and national businesses to increase exposure and brand using digital marketing strategies.

The Creature From The Black (Hat) Lagoon

black hat tactics creature

The fog traces your ankles, making your feet seem as if they aren’t even there. You know you shouldn’t be here, but curiosity got the better of you. Stories have driven you far from your comfort zone, but you wouldn’t be here in the first place if at least some of those stories had piqued your interest….

Ghosts of CRM Past

CRM Ghosts

The darkness, you know, is simply because your eyes are closed. The creaking stairs and door hinges, on the other hand, are a completely different story. The house is large and empty. The fear started to grow the moment the lights went out and you lay down to sleep. Spectres haunt old houses and this…

Social WereBusiness: The Transformation

social business werewolf

The moon is full and foreboding, but somehow there are no stars in the sky. Recently, the city has been ravaged by a new hybrid creature, wildly and publicly howling to all corners of the community. As you walk through the trees, the shadows reach for you and each rustle of the leaves and each scrape…

A Social Business Witch Hunt

Social Business Brew

As the words drip from her mouth like syrup from a tree, the cauldron begins to bubble. The ingredients, added in just the right way, join together to bring about something more powerful than simply the sum of their parts. Just then, the door of the small wooded shack is kicked in and a horde…

The Horrors of Frankenstein CRM

Frankenstein Social CRM

A bolt of lightning cascades through the night sky. Not a drop of rain falls, but fog fills the air as an impending sense of doom fills the village. All the citizens know of the mad scientist living on the hill. His lab radiates light and mystery into all hours of the night as he…

Battling Social Business Vampires

Social Business Vampires

October has begun and with it the darkness rises. Our darkest desires come to the surface and ghouls and goblins walk freely among us. Vampires have been a staple of the season since Bram Stoker introduced the world to the dark prince known only as Dracula. A lot of situations in business (especially social business)…

Social CRM: An Extension of Terms

social crm addition

I’ve read a lot of articles and reports recently that caused me some concern. It’s not so much that I’m convinced I’m right and everybody else is wrong, but just a slightly off definition of Social CRM that a lot of people and companies seem to have. We’ve talked before about the basic premises of…

Social Business and Cult Think

Social Business Mindset

Recently, Paul Thomas Anderson created and released a movie titled The Master. The movie itself is a masterclass in filmmaking and acting technique, but I’m not here to talk about that. I can talk about movies in my other blogs. I’m here to try and relay the significance of aspects of that movie to you and…

Social Business At Scale And You

Scaling Social media

So, you’ve decided to incorporate a Social CRM system into your organization and maybe you’ve even taken some of the first steps needed to truly integrate those plans into your business. Now you’re dealing with some small successes and are looking to further integrate these plans throughout your large organization, but you’re not sure where or…

3 Steps To Being A Social Business Warrior

Social Business Viking

This past weekend I ran in the Warrior Dash. I have no grand illusions of truly being a warrior at this point, but I did train hard for it and used that training to motivate me to run the thing twice. All in all, it added up to an hour and twenty minutes work consisting…