Using Social Media Sweet Spot for Sales, BizDev, and Pitch Support

I recently authored a white paper on behalf of the Toronto-based, social media presence platform company Jugnoo. The presentation explains the differences between expensive analytics-based “Listening” tools and dashboard-based “Engagement” tools that allow participation in the social conversation. If you are intrigued by what you’ve read up to that point, you will be especially interested in our description ofJugnoo’s SoMeAnalyzer™ – a new tool that does both.

Where this tool really shines is when you need to gain insights around sales, customer service, brand building and more. One place you may find this particularly useful is in putting together a presentation (proposal, pitch, or both). It offers many possibilities that support finding actionable insights allowing your proposal to standout based on something the brand may not have found on its own. That is a powerful competitive edge!

What else can you learn from reading “Finding Your Social Media Sweet Spot”? More>

Finding Your Social Media Sweet Spot

Whitepaper: Social listening is complex and expensive, social engagement is easy and cheap – How to have it all! Big brands and agencies have spent millions on social media management, and high-end social listening tools are very expensive. At the other end is a scattered, disconnected marketplace of low/no cost tools. More:

World Cup Social Media Campaigns..Big Stuff!

It’s a great time to be listening for your brand mentions and engaging with your audience during the 2014 World Cup. World Cup social media campaigns will get a huge boost this year. Because more people are participating in social media during the games, there’s a big chance they will be discussing a lot of other things…

Social Listening – What Do They Really Want?

A Social Listening infographic published by NetBase and J.D.Power shows the difference between what consumers say they want and what consumers say they want – which sounds the same! More>

Pinterest Sells Ads – Women Dominate!

Pinterest is now selling ads, where Promoted Pins will start appearing in users’ search and category feeds. They are calling it a test but it is suspected this is the beginning of a major rollout for the social media platform.

WhatsApp 500 Million!

Remember this nice little chart we displayed a while ago?  Have to change the number of subscribers WhatsApp has… half a billion. It’s taken them 5 years to achieve this astonishing number. Facebook took 6 years….who’s next? More>

Welcome: “The Attention Web”

So how do we define social engagement? Here is some great data on what is actually happening out there, where all our assumptions about what constitutes valuable metrics are totally wrong, thanks to Chartbeart’s Tony Haile. More:

Compare Facebook, Pinterest, & Instagram for Ecommerce

Interesting to see how Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram contribute to ecommerce site traffic. Facebook has the biggest impact, and in some cases it really depends on how engaged the brand audience is.  More…

Social Discovery Rocks for Ecommerce Sites

Some interesting insights from the 8thBridge Social Commerce IQ (SCIQ) report that challenges some assumptions about how retailers are benefiting from social traffic and social discovery. For one, Facebook reigns supreme in providing traffic to ecommerce sites, beating out Pinterest by a large margin (and everything else for that matter). More

American Airlines Brand – Scare

News of a girl who spoofed a terrorist in her tweet directed at American Airlines has probably increased the likelihood that more teens will copy the prank – rattling security forces and causing a major headache for large brands caught in the fray. The social media skies have been anything but friendly for American Airlines…