Compare Facebook, Pinterest, & Instagram for Ecommerce

Interesting to see how Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram contribute to ecommerce site traffic. Facebook has the biggest impact, and in some cases it really depends on how engaged the brand audience is.  More…

Social Discovery Rocks for Ecommerce Sites

Some interesting insights from the 8thBridge Social Commerce IQ (SCIQ) report that challenges some assumptions about how retailers are benefiting from social traffic and social discovery. For one, Facebook reigns supreme in providing traffic to ecommerce sites, beating out Pinterest by a large margin (and everything else for that matter). More

American Airlines Brand – Scare

News of a girl who spoofed a terrorist in her tweet directed at American Airlines has probably increased the likelihood that more teens will copy the prank – rattling security forces and causing a major headache for large brands caught in the fray. The social media skies have been anything but friendly for American Airlines…

NPR, Walking Dead, and Rooster Teeth? Podcasting!

Below are the number of people active in social media, and all of them are big numbers. But what is interesting is the trend for podcasts. One of the reasons for this growth is the fact that many people listen to streaming audio in their car during commutes. More

Infographic of Social Engagement

Vimeo has posted data on how much video is consumed in the U.S. (and elsewhere)…and the amount of social engagement it creates. more>

Social Media Strategy: Listening and Engaging

David Dubois at INSEAD has an interesting take on social listening. Because he spends a lot of time talking to key executives from many different companies, the issue of how to leverage social media is always a popular topic. He talks about 3 levels of social listening that can be useful… more>

Twitter Gets a New Look – A Lot Like Facebook!

Twitter has released the new interface design for all Twitter users. It will be rolled out over the next few months. As you can see, it is very similar to Facebook, and having said that.. more>

Women Dominate Social Media

Women interact with brands on social media, get more news from social media, use their mobile devices more to view and interact with social media platforms and apps, and are the main drivers of growth for Pinterest, Instagram, and tumblr, and social media use overall. More:

Big Data Visualization: Most Enterprises Not Ready!

The era of Big Data as arrived but, on many levels, most organizations are woefully unprepared. Award winning author Phil Simon takes aim at antiquated ways of data visualization. Enterprise take heed! It’s time to up your game and start to visualize data with tools that help you exploit all the opportunities inherent in the information…

WhatsApp with Viber?

Japanese e-commerce Rakuten says Viber (their instant messaging platform) is on track to grow to 2 Billion subscribers in the next few years.  Next>